Use POS System To Manage Your Sales, Expense & Repairs

Add walk-in customer sales data, Easily add purchases, Add purchases for different locations, Manage Paid/Due purchases, Get Notified of Due purchases a week before the pay date, and add discounts & taxes.

Best POS software in Nepal for all shops, restaurants, and stores. (Note: You can enable and disable all above-shown features from modules & pos settings, depending on your business type)

Before Using POS

Open your registrar to use the POS system for opening balance.

POS Systemss
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Explore All Features

Check out all the features listed below to know more about our advanced POS system so you can use more efficiently depending on your business need.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Productivity

Don't worry about using your mouse to do your task manually, we have already figured out a bunch of useful shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Modify All Keyboard Shortcuts

If you don't like our keyboard shortcuts setup you can change everything by just going into your POS in the business setting.

box 1

Add Shipping Cost & Other Details

You can add your shipping charge, shipping address, shipping details, shipping status, and delivery person.

setting 2

Enable/Disable All Features In POS settings

If you don't want to use some features you can simply disable them from the POS setting from the business setting tab.

return 1

Add Sells Returns With Invoice No.

If someone returns your product you can simply re-enter your sales return by using your invoice number from the bill.


Create Quotations Without Stocks

Do your customers need quotations? We've covered that too, Quotations can create without losing stock quantity.


Select Invoice Scheme And Layout

If you want to print different types of invoices, you can simply create multiple types of invoice layouts and schemes from the setting.


Use Default Walk-In Customer

Use Default Walk-In customer instead of customer details if your customer denies to give you the personal information.


Add Expenses

Add expenses directly from the POS system, you can add salary expenses, shop expenses, loans, electricity bills, and more.

document 1

Check Register Details

Check your register details in a brief. Payment methods, sales reports, expense reports, total sales, credit sales, and more.

calculator 1

Calculator Feature

If you don't use your calculator to calculate sales reports, you can use our calculation feature which is quite handy.


Suspended Sales Reports

You can "suspend" the sales anytime if the customer realizes he/she doesn't want to buy your product.

price tag

Select Price Selling group

Create a different selling price group for the different types of customers and you can give different price rates.


Save As Draft

Feel free to save it as a draft for later use if your customer decided to come back later on after he decided to buy something but didn't.


Switch To Repair POS Module

You can switch to a repair POS system by simply clicking on the repair button so you can sale repair services.

transaction history

Recent Transactions Details

Check all of your recent transaction details including final transactions, quotations, and draft sales items.

atm card

Use Multiple Payment Options

Collect how your customers pay for the product and services you provide, like credit sales, cash, mobile banking, or card.

KB CloudERP reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Free Plan offers 999 years model so if you are using more than that you might need to upgrade your plan unless we extend more. For the customers on Professional, Business & Other Existing paid plan subscriptions charges may apply if they want to add custom features.

Invoice limits for Every plan apply to both approving and sending invoices. 

Cloud Storage
Secure Cloud Storage

Worried about losing your data? Don't worry we have Bank-level security that keeps your data stored safely in the cloud. If you ever lose your data contact us right away.

Satisfaction guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee

Start a free 7-day trial today, no credit card is required. You can cancel anytime with a promise that you are free to provide any valuable feedback to improve the platform.

SSL Encrypted

KB CloudERP protects your personal info and your client’s info with industry-standard SSL and encryption so everything is always safe and secure.

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