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Before, we thought why would anyone need a mobile app? But with our research, we found it is one of the most important parts of any POS system. Not all businesses are the same, not all do over-the-counter sales, and many businesses need a sales app with sales on the go also the most important feature of the mobile app is It works offline so you don’t need to worry about the internet either, when you get the access of internet your date will be synced automatically.

Why Do You Need The POS App?

Here comes the Mobile app for KB CloudERP

KB CloudERP web application works truly amazing when used in a shop with a cash counter or cashier desk.

But not all businesses are the same, so a POS system with a mobile app is a bonus where many businesses have salespeople selling on the

  • Walking
  • Lakeside 
  • Small kiosks
  • Trade shows
  • Flea markets
  • Taking face-to-face orders in customers’ homes/offices
  • Moving out in the street to selling
  • Even traditional showrooms where mobility of the point of sales is required.
  • And many more …

Using a web-based application is quite difficult in these scenarios. And not to say the problem which can arise when there is no internet connection. Customers simply can’t wait to get a receipt.

The sales App for KB CloudERP is designed to overcome all of these. 

Install App

Go to Play Store or Apple Store and install the POS App in your phone.

Login Page

Login using your username and password of the web application.

Explore Dashboard

get all the daily sales and other reports in your dashboard.

Add Daily Data

All expenses, sales & product stocks management is done in real-time.

Offline Use

Add sales offline, It gets synced as soon as the internet is available.

Important To Know

Advantages of Mobile App

Check out all the features listed below to know more about our Mobile App feature so you can use more efficiently depending on your business need. KB CloudERP Sales App provides a lot of features and advantages:

box 1

Sales on the go:

Sales Mobile apps provide great advantages where mobility of the point of sales is required. It provides a quick, fast, feature-rich, and simple-to-use interface to get the sales job done. For any trade show, kiosk shop, beachside shop, and many more this application will be a truly powerful app.

no wifi

Offline Sales:

No internet connection – no problem. We have worked hard to make Mobile POS for KB CloudERP support offline sales. Sales & Product stocks get synced automatically whenever there is an internet connection available. Take it anywhere and start selling, no more worries about active internet.


Easy to use:

KB CloudERP mobile app is easy to use, no special training is required to use it, anyone who can operate WhatsApp can use this mobile app. With minimal screens and minimal features, it just does what is needed – that is adding sales, printing invoices, showing details of payments, and all recent orders.


Be Productive & Save Time:

Anything easy to use definitely saves time. Plus you won’t wait for an internet connection.


Enhanced consumer experience:

With customers no longer required to make their way through long queues, the mobility of the point of sales system goes a long way in positively impacting the overall consumer experience.

expenses 1

Add Payment & Expenses

You can add your daily expenses and also the list of payments that you have made from our mobile app access.

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POS App Coming Soon !

This is one of the best mobile POS systems for small businesses in Nepal along with the features packed CloudERP system.

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