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This module used the Davinci model from OpenAI, as of writing this feature, the price might change in the future, the price for this model is: $0.1200 / 1K tokens

1K Token ~= 750 words in English.


Best Cloud ERP With Chat-GPT AI Assistance In Nepal

You can use our AI Assistance feature to generate so many things like professional emails, awesome proposals for B2B businesses, Facebook ad headlines, engaging social media posts for your product or services, product reviews, and many more.

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Brand/Product Descriptions

Product Review Generator

Customer Review Response

Write Social Media Post

Google Ads That Converts More Customers​

Facebook Ads Headlines & Text

Write Awesome Emails

Create Business Proposals

Guide For Doing Anything

KB CloudERP reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Free Plan offers 999 years model so if you are using more than that you might need to upgrade your plan unless we extend more. For the customers on Professional, Business & Other Existing paid plan subscriptions charges may apply if they want to add custom features.

Invoice limits for Every plan apply to both approving and sending invoices. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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